Feel Good Friday: From bear hunts to recreating works of art, Mississippians found ways to keep smiling

Feel Good Friday: From bear hunts to recreating works of art, Mississippians found ways to keep smiling

BILOXI, MS- The seriousness and severity of COVID-19 have dominated the news as of late, but there are still some positive stories to focus on.

To start, let’s zoom in on the heroes of our society. The stress and risk that health care workers are dealing with while fighting COVID-19 are extreme, but many are showing their support across the coast. Hundreds gathered at different hospitals over the last few days, singing songs and flashing their car lights to show their appreciation and support.

It was certainly a creative way to show love, but plenty of people are also getting creative to stay entertained. This includes the Chatfields who are recreating famous artwork at home.

“It’s really actually made us appreciate art a little more because whenever we take a picture, we like to post the original. So people are really kind of looking up art as they see a picture of him and I outside holding up our dog on a dog bed,” said Jenette Chatfield.

Another creative idea is bringing smiles to many across the gulf coast to people of all ages.

“Oh, they were definitely super excited. Like I said, they have been sitting at home and it gives them something to do to get out of the house. And they look forward to it, and they ask us every afternoon to go bear hunting again,” said Michael Bryant.

The Bryants have gone bear hunting a few times now. Their daughters even found over 100 bears on their last hunt. Some are even making it an educational experience. That includes Shannon Beech, who has a beekeeping bear in her front yard.

“They look forward to it! If they see me outside they will be like, ‘Mrs. Shannon, when is the bear going to be ready?’ And I am like, ‘It’s going to be ready in a little bit.’ They look forward to it and I think I get more out of it than they do,” said Shannon Beech.

Although, the kids in the area may disagree.

“It’s really fun, and we enjoy it and we can’t wait to see it every day,” said Caydence West.

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