Social media challenges instituting virtual ways to bring friends together

Interacting with loved ones has never been harder, but that hasn’t stopped the younger generations, who are getting creative on social media.
Updated: Mar. 28, 2020 at 8:11 AM CDT
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Interacting with loved ones has never been harder, but that hasn’t stopped the younger generations, who are getting creative on social media.

Scrolling through social media these last few days you’ll see plenty of creative attempts by the younger generations to interact with one another. Some examples include “See a pup send a pup,” push-up challenges, templates and quizzes so people can get to know each other a little better. There’s even a handwashing challenge.

“It definitely makes you think, ‘Okay maybe we can’t go to our normal gym, our normal spin class, or whatever it is we do.’ But that kind of gave us the opportunity to connect with a bunch of different people but also kind of giving us that push and encouragement to continue even though we are sitting at home,” said Brianna Medina.

Brianna participated in several social media challenges.

First, she conquered the push-up challenge, and then she did see a pup send a pup. Brianna has a comprised autoimmune system and has been taking extra precautions at home— only leaving the house to let the dogs out. The challenges have been a welcome activity, that has even brought some cheer into her life.

“For me it definitely kind of lifted my spirits I think, from being kind of bored and sad about not being out and doing stuff with my friends,” said Brianna.

Gulfport graduate Christian Longnecker is well-versed In the world of social media and loves that people are using it to stay positive.

“Yeah, it’s a tough time you know, but it is kind of keeping everyone in a positive mindset and positive frame,” said Longnecker.

He says the push to stay active and the opportunity to interact with friends is something he has greatly enjoyed.

“You get like a sense of happiness, you know? As stupid as it sounds, from like your friend or something like that tagging you in a push-up challenge or whatever it is," said Christian.

It’s a sentiment that is shared by across the country as we search, more than ever, for positive reasons to come together.

“I really like everyone coming together and finding things to make you happy in the mundane," said Ole Miss student Jessi Lockett. “With everything being kind of heavy in the world right now. It’s nice to have a light-hearted outlet in that sense.”

Other challenges that are still making their rounds on social media sites include the “Until Tomorrow” challenge. It encourages conversation by forcing someone to post an embarrassing picture. After twenty-four hours the user can delete it, but anyone who liked the picture has to post one of their own. It is a fun light-hearted game that has spread across the country.

Another challenge that is similar to the “See 10, Do 10” pushup challenge is the “See 3, Run 3.” A few others have popped up to encourage people to work out and stay active at home.

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