Musicians find a way to share their talents while isolating during coronavirus crisis

Musicians find a way to share their talents while isolating during coronavirus crisis

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - The coronavirus crisis has forced many people out of work, including those in the music industry. As venues close and events are canceled, it’s leaving many musicians worried about what to do next.

It's said where words fail, music speaks.

Coast musicians are making sure their message rings out loud and clear.

“This is what the world needs, especially in a time like this,” said Bruce Kirkwood. He and Jordan Chalden are professional musicians. Kirkwood is a contemporary violinist, and Chalden - a saxophonist.

Both have been performing for years, traveling the country and even the world.

During the coronavirus pandemic, they too, like so many others, have found themselves out of work.

“The bulk of our income is hit, and it’s shot. We go from having in the upcoming month, you might have 10 engagements and one by one by one they call or they email and they say hey, we’re canceling,” Kirkwood said.

So they've turned to Facebook.

Kirkwood, Chalden and other musicians created the page “Live Music on the Coast” where they live stream performances.

In a week, it has already gained hundreds of followers.

“It allows us to do what we love to do, which certainly when we can project that to others as well, it’s just a win-win," Chalden said.

As they continue to share their music with the community, they hope the community, in turn, will rally around them by donating to their relief fund to help musicians in financial trouble.

However, they said their true mission is much larger than collecting money. It’s to encourage not only themselves but others as well.

“It could be worse. It could be a lot worse. We’re still able to play, and that keeps some sanity for me,” Chalden said.

“To encourage other people to trust in God, lean on their faith, and lean on Him, not to worry, not to fear, not to fret," Kirkwood said.

Where words just aren’t enough, Kirkwood and Chalden hope it’ll be their music that heals a hurting heart.

“It’s therapy for us, just to know that you’re bringing hope to the masses, if that doesn’t recharge you, if that doesn’t motivate you, help you mentally I don’t know what does, because more than ever we need that now," Kirkwood said.

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