Cycology Fitness and Nutrition adds fun twist for runners on Biloxi Bay Bridge

Cycology Fitness and Nutrition adds fun twist for runners on Biloxi Bay Bridge

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - While gyms across the country have closed their doors to the public, one local business is taking their workout outside.

Cycology Fitness and Nutrition in Ocean Springs is placing sheets of paper with a specific workout listed on the Biloxi Bay Bridge, providing a fun but not too challenging of a task for walkers and runners.

“It’s really popular, especially in this time, to get out and get some fresh air, walk the bridge or jog the bridge," owner of Cycology Linda Buford said. "I just wanted to put some exercises out just to keep people from being bored. Most of the exercises we have are pretty simple, like jumping jacks, lunges, nothing too hard. Just something to break up the monotony of running the bridge. And it gives them a little bit of a challenge without being too hard on them.”

After positive feedback when it was a part of their routine, Buford knew this was a perfect time and reason to provide the public with a little helping hand.

“We used to come out and plan this as one of our outdoor workouts," Buford said. "When all this started happening, immediately I thought that we should start the bridge workout. Right now, it’s so important to exercise. You exercise for your health, but also for your mental health. It’s so important. So I wanted to find a way to make people smile and just to know that we’re thinking of everybody, getting them outside and exercising.”

In a time of crisis where a community, country, and world are all struggling, Buford says this is a way to stay active, but more importantly, to keep your head and spirits up.

“We’re trying to do everything we can to stay active, and keep people happy and positive in this time," Buford said. "That’s what I think we need. There’s always a good breeze out here so it’s always a fun workout. Get out, keep moving, don’t give up, we’re going to be fine. Stay positive, stay active.”

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