Singing River Medical Clinics check for COVID-19 symptoms through hotline

Singing River Medical Clinics check for COVID-19 symptoms through hotline

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - Singing River Health System’s COVID hotline is available to determine whether you are eligible to be testing for the coronavirus.

Jason Ely, Director of the Singing River Medical Clinics, says the hotline was launched on March 13. It is to help people stay home and receive an assessment over the phone by a healthcare provider.

“What we’re asking you to do is we’re going over the signs and symptoms and if we think you are a candidate to be tested, then we have five clinics and we will send you to one of those clinics," said Ely.

Ely noted that some people are confusing symptoms of seasonal illnesses with coronavirus symptoms.

“The pandemic hasn’t changed anything about people having the cold, the flu, strep and other things that people generally have over this time of year," he said.

If you do speak to a provider and your symptoms make you a candidate for testing, you will be called to one of the five SRHS clinics. A provider will then meet you in the parking lot for on-site testing from your vehicle.

Ely says a record 300 calls were answered on Monday, and he urges people to be patient as demand for testing rises in the upcoming weeks.

“You’re getting a busy signal? Give us the time to call because we have people and we will answer our phone. Our whole purpose is to answer everybody that wants to call,” said Ely.

Singing River Medical Clinics are also offering virtual health visits through video. Healthcare professionals are operating the hotline 24-7.

You can call the Singing River COVID hotline at 228-809-5044.

For a list of other testing sites throughout the state, click HERE.

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