Gulfport youth comes to work to help his mom, family

Gulfport youth comes to work to help his mom, family

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Felicia Enrriquez’s children are bored.

How bored?

“Yesterday I was able to be at home with them, and they asked to cut grass," said the mother of four. "So they cut grass, they cleaned house, they raked leaves. They played on the hoverboard, spinning around about 50 million times.”

On Tuesday, one of her children asked to come to work with her at Third Coast Autos where she sells cars.

“I did all my school work and I’m bored at the house," said Alexander Enrriquez, 11 on Tuesday. “So I volunteered to come help my mom wash cars and stand by the road to show the posters so we could get more business.”

The 28th Street Elementary School fourth-grader had made signs in English and Spanish touting the car lot’s car detailing services.

“Car sales are really down right now so my son volunteered to come wash cars,” said Felicia Enrriquez, 30. “The more car washes we get, business is able to stay open and I’m able to feed my kids.”

The economic stress caused by the coronavirus is very real for her.

“I’m very worried. I’m a single mom, I have four kids, plus I have my little sister and her daughter,” Felicia Enrriquez said. “It’s really hard. A lot of people are losing their jobs, they have no means or anything, and my boss has been able to stay open this whole time.”

She said she has stocked up on groceries, but if she loses her job, that food will only last so long.

“Kids are kids, they’re at home, they’re going to go through everything,” she said.

As Congress continues to hammer out the details of an economic relief package, Felicia Enrriquez and her family will hope her work continues.

“You have to do what you have to do,” she said.

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