Biloxi family pleading for return of mother’s stolen ashes

Biloxi family pleading for return of mother’s stolen ashes

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - A family’s last reminder of their beloved mother is now gone after their Biloxi home was burglarized Tuesday night. Now, the family is pleading for her ashes to be returned.

Ricky Mitchell returned home Tuesday from Mardi Gras celebrations in a good mood, but that soon changed.

“When I walked through the door, I saw my house all tore up, so first thing came to my mind is that there has been burglaries," Mitchell said.

How did they get inside the home?

“This is where they come through. They came out of this field. They hit the gate. Came through this little trail right here, right here,” Mitchell said. “They set the buckets up and went in through my window, went in and destroyed my home. Turned over my bed, went through my clothes.”

The thief, or thieves, took clothes, cell phones, and shoes, all of which can be replaced. However, Mitchell and his family are distraught over the theft of his mother’s ashes.

“They took her ashes. So if there is anyone out there that knows anything about this, everything that they took was valuable, but we’re not worried about that. If we could just get her ashes back that would mean the world to me," Mitchell said.

Family friend Alfred Stokes hopes the ashes are returned soon and wonders what kind of person would take something so meaningful.

“They couldn’t have known what they were taking. They couldn’t have known that. I think they just feel like they were taking something because if they would have known what kind of person would do that? It would have to be a ruthless person," Stokes said.

It’s because of that ruthless act, the Mitchell family is hurting.

“It is very painful, you know what I mean, to see my mother’s box right there. You can see our loving memory, that is all that I have left," Mitchell said.

A family friend said the brothers have been combing the neighborhood and dumpsters looking for the ashes.

Biloxi police confirm a break-in was reported. Maj. Chris DeBack tells us the ashes are on the property list of stolen items.

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