Oxford cadets take first oath of enlistment from space

Oxford cadets take first oath of enlistment from space

OXFORD, Miss. (WMC) - Wednesday, hundreds of future soldiers across the nation took an oath of service in a first-of-its-kind ceremony.

It was a moment many cadets will never forget. They were part of the first-ever nationwide oath of enlistment from space administered by Colonel Andrew Morgan.

"Before I took this nine month journey to to space as an astronaut I was a soldier first," said Colonel Morgan.

More than 850 future soldiers from more than 130 locations across the country took their oath seen through video conference.

"Future soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines please raise your right hand a repeat after me," said Colonel Morgan.

Three cadets from Oxford High School also participated. WMC spoke to senior Randy Tarleton about his reason for choosing the Army.

"I chose helicopter mechanics because my grandfather did it," said Tarleton.

"For some of them they live out a dream. For some of them, they may have never thought of doing it and might make it a career. It's a huge step and they're fighting for our freedom so it's important to celebrate," said Cadet Commanding Officer and Oxford High School senior Lawson Brines.

Oxford High School's JROTC program has nearly 70 cadets. They focus on a number of skills including leadership and personal development.

“The military assists these guys to make better leaders and future leaders of our country in the private sector and business sector,” said Cadet Captain and Oxford High School senior Carter Hillmer.

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