South Mississippi Strong: Gulfport native turned social media star brings laughs to thousands

South Mississippi Strong: Gulfport native turned social media star brings laughs to thousands

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Social media is opening doors for everyday people to enter the realm of entertainment, but the trick to online success is standing out among the crowd.

Gulfport’s Trevor Norris is doing just that with his comedy, bringing laughs to thousands across multiple platforms.

As Trevor would tell it, you don’t need the most expensive equipment to make a viral video. He usually uses household items to prop up his phone, and uses the front-facing camera to see himself as he records.

“I usually just use a lot of stuff that stands up to the height that I need. That’s why I don’t use tripods, I usually really need to go high and really need to go low," said Norris.

The Gulfport native says that quick-thinking ability comes from consistency and creativity. Trevor went from shooting videos in his dorm at Southern Miss to building an audience of 164 thousand on Twitter alone.

He gets his inspiration from the network of video creators who keep the jokes flowing. “I look up to a lot of Viners that were big, people performing in comedy clubs because they’re all funny in their own way.”

Trevor shared how he puts a personal twist on his approach to references popular topics. “I see words and I see a whole video in my head, so it’s just like I just need the inspiration from anything and graphic design definitely helps," he said.

His technique is recreating relatable moments people might overlook. Trevor is also good at creating funny shareable content that can be used in everyday conversations.

He says social media has opened the door to big opportunities for people around the world. “People that don’t have real talent according to Disney and Nickelodeon standards, they would be themselves and are blowing up and getting paid for it.”

Trevor is proud to represent Mississippi and stand out among influencers who live in big cities like New York and Los Angeles.

He explained, “You could be in the middle of anywhere and just make videos and post online. That’s what’s so good about social media nowadays. You can reach the whole world in seconds.”

He makes sure not to curse or post explicit content not just to reach a wide audience, but to make his family proud. He said, “My dad told me when I was younger don’t put anything on the internet that you wouldn’t want us to see, that wouldn’t represent your family, wouldn’t represent your community.”

Trevor’s jokes have been featured on outlets like Buzzfeed and Inside Edition, but he hopes his impact reaches far beyond comedy.

“I’m trying to take over the world, that’s what I’m trying to do. I don’t care if its videos, movies, commercials, anything," said Norris. “I want to be somebody that’s just known in the world just for doing what I want to do and for being a good person.”

Follow Trevor Norris on Twitter and Instagram at trevor_norris0.

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