Krewe of Gemini rolls through downtown Gulfport for its 51st year

Krewe of Gemini rolls through downtown Gulfport for its 51st year

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - You can’t have Mardi Gras without lots of dancing.

The only thing that Scyvonda Bradshaw does better than dancing is catching beads, and she’s competitive with it.

“I love chasing down the floats,” she said. “I just told her she needs to move out of my way because I will step on their hands.”

For the 51st time, the Krewe of Gemini rolled through downtown Gulfport for its day parade.

True to its theme Intergalactic Adventure, the fun was out of this world.

John Madden of Hattiesburg was looking a little out of this season with his St. Patrick’s suit, but that’s OK here.

“I just wanted to stand out,” he said.

Thousands lined the parade route to catch whatever was thrown from the 40-plus units.

Some were good for wearing, and some were good for eating.

It’s almost a team celebration for Morissa Carr of Gulfport and her ever-growing Mardi Gras group.

“It’s more of us now,” she said. “I have two of my younger nieces with me now, but we do it every year, the same exact spot.”

Kyleigh Brown and her friends and family planted themselves at the beginning for good reason.

“So we can get the better stuff and we don’t get all the leftovers at the bottom of the bag,” she said.

Chase Fleming’s love for this parade and all of Mardi Gras was crafted over generations.

“Been doing it my whole life and have been participating with family members and friends for a very long time,” he said.

That means the same ritual preparation every year.

“Everybody’s got to have the Mardi Gras colors on and beads already in hand," he said.

King Bobby Olson and Queen Debra Study reigned over the parade, and the grand marshal was Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College head football coach Jack Wright.

For the full schedule of parades during Mardi Gras weekend, check out Gulf Coast Weekend.

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