Biloxi residents concerned with speed, safety along curvy stretch of road

Biloxi residents concerned with speed, safety along curvy stretch of road

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - They have the bad fortune to live down the street from a landfill, but to make things worse, they live on a curvy section of road.

Residents of one Biloxi neighborhood are turning to the city for help with a safety issue.

“When you come out in the front, you’re almost scared to go to your mailbox because of the way the drivers come along here,” said resident David Johnson.

Emerald Lake Estates in Biloxi has the look of a serene neighborhood. Waterfront property makes the area still under construction particularly attractive, but for a dozen homeowners who live along an S curve on Hudson-Krohn Road, it has become a game of chance.

“It’s terrible along here, the trucks, the large trucks that come down from the big plant right up there, the sanitation area up there. Motorcycles and trucks are probably our worst that really abuse the speed limit,” Johnson said.

The speed limit is 35 mph, but residents say vehicles tend to go at least 50 mph, sometimes faster. Police monitoring shows the average to be around 40 mph. So far, two mailboxes have been hit and one car ended up in one of the front yards.

When the developer applied to put in the neighborhood, the city of Biloxi required houses on that stretch of road to have circular driveways to make it safer to exit. Last week, residents went to the Biloxi City Council asking for help.

“It’s very scary. One of these days a car is going to hit a child or run into one of our homes,” said resident Andrea Donahue.

Police said they have monitored the area before and will study it again and make recommendations about how to better control the 2,400 cars that travel the road every day.

The general manager of Adams Homes, who is building the houses in the neighborhood, said she would also welcome an effort by the city to slow traffic down in the area.

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