Gulfport city council approves temporary flat rate water billing

LIVE REPORT: Gulfport sets temporary flat rate for water bills

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - The Gulfport City Council unanimously approved on Friday a flat rate for water billing within city limits.

The minimum flat rate will temporarily be set at $39.90 effective March 5 or at the beginning of the next full billing cycle.

The $39.90 will consist of $5.40 for water, $9.80 for sewer, $7.84 for sewer treatment and $16.86 for garbage.

“I think people were really concerned that they wanted to have consistency and accuracy in their water bill, and they’ve had no faith in that system," said Councilman Rusty Walker on Friday. "And frankly neither has the council, neither has the mayor. But today when it does it is it gives us consistency until they give us the assurance that the system is repaired.”

The implementation of the flat rate due to recent billing issues, including bills for extended time periods, irregular billing and higher total charges.

“I expect that flat-rate billing, temporarily implemented, will remain in effect until the water billing management proves the new system is operationally reliable and that the public can trust it,” Rusty Walker previously said in a public Facebook post.

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