New school bus technology introduced to improve children’s safety

New school bus technology introduced to improve children’s safety

HARRISON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - Every day thousands of children step onto school buses. Finding new and better ways to get them to and from school safely brought transportation directors from across the state to the coast to look at the latest technology.

According to the Mississippi Department of Education, there were over 100 school bus accidents during the 2018-2019 school year.

“Curbing driver behavior has always been challenging, we’re looking at finding drivers. At the end of the day that still doesn’t reduce the number of stop arms violations that are happening, and the children are essentially still at risk,” Jay Walsh with SEON Safe Fleet said.

Children still at risk is the reason new technologies are being brought to light. One technology demonstrated was a predictive stop arm.

“Students will get an audible alert outside of the bus warning them that the stop arm violation is going to occur,” Walsh said.

And if a driver fails to stop, he or she will be fined. And depending on the offense, the fine can reach up to $1,000.

“It’s another tool to keep the children safe when they’re crossing the street and getting on and off the school buses,” Director of Transportation Terry Graham said.

This was the second demo in Mississippi, and the mission was to spread awareness about new technology for school buses.

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