$7.3 million expansion project underway at North Gulfport Middle School

$7.3 million expansion project underway at North Gulfport Middle School

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) -Renovation is well underway over at North Gulfport Middle School.

The school is expanding, which means it will now feature classes for kindergarteners all the way up to eighth grade. This growth will help out over-crowded schools in Harrison county.

Some of the middle school students will be transferred to a new location near West Harrison High once the renovations are complete. Principal Natasha Williams of the middle school confirmed that two additional schools will be built.

“I believe -- with the student population growing so rapidly in Harrison County school district and making sure that we are able to provide adequate educational opportunities to all of our students then-- the next best thing was to make sure that we not only expand North Gulfport Middle School but that we provide the opportunity," said Williams.

This project should be completed for the 2021-2022 school year. Harrison County Superintendent Roy Gill said this project is moving rather quickly. The contractors work during school hours as well as the weekend.

“Some days you know it’s hard to work with the students being in, but the contractors are doing an excellent job trying to make sure that they don’t interrupt teaching and learning which the most important thing we have to deal with,” said Gill.

Four kindergarten classrooms, additional hallways, testing facilities, new bathrooms, among other additions will be added.

Gill also noted that security will be updated. There will be a secure one-way entrance near the office that will have security checkpoints.

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