MSU president visits Biloxi High School

MSU president visits Biloxi High School

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) -If you’re a junior or senior high school student on the Gulf Coast, you’ve probably heard Mississippi State University President Mark Keenum speak.

On Friday, he spent time with Biloxi High School juniors and seniors and spoke about their college career choices.

“I use these opportunities to inspire them to go and get an education, but to come and possibly be a student at Mississippi State,” Keenum said. “I love talking to high school students, especially about how the future is changing and the workforce is changing. The skill sets required to become successful in this world are becoming more challenging and they need to know what kinds of careers to pursue.”

Keenum also told these students that by 2030, many of the jobs they’ll be competing for haven’t even been created yet.

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