Stennis facility helping create items we use every single day

Stennis facility helping create items we use every single day

HANCOCK COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - Did you know that the cameras we use each and every day on our phones were originated by NASA?

We know about all the rocket engine testing that is happening out at the Stennis Space Center but there are many other things we use each day that come from NASA.

“There’s literally a NASA impact on your life every day,” said Duane Armstrong, who works with the Stennis Space Center Applied Science and Technology department. “The cellphone camera came out of NASA’S need for a high-res low power camera for the space program. We solve a lot of problems, and to the greatest extent possible, we want to share those problems with industry and academia to spur growth in the U.S. economy and just to improve the society at large.”

That includes NASA’s tech transfer program, where students, people starting businesses, and those needing patents can gain access to all types of federal software.

"We have a portfolio of patents that are available for licensing,” Armstrong said. “We make it easily available for people to try out our patents. We have licensing where people can try it out before they make a big commitment. We have a startup license where companies can gain access to intellectual property.”

Some of the other products to come out of NASA’s tech transfer program include baby formula, anti-earthquake shaking equipment for skyscrapers, and space age swimsuit designs.

So, what's coming down the road? Whatever it is, it’s a good bet NASA and the folks at Stennis will have a hand in it.

"We’re building the new rockets and pursuing the next set of lunar missions that are absolutely going to be incredible tech coming out of that work,” Armstrong added.

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