D’Iberville baseball clinic hopes to teach kids valuable lessons for on and off the field

D’Iberville baseball clinic hopes to teach kids valuable lessons for on and off the field

D’IBERVILLE, Miss. (WLOX) - “Ready, go! Get out of there, Babe Ruth! Pump them arms! Pump them arms, baby!”

Young athletes are training like superstars in the making at the Star Elite Fitness baseball and softball camp.

“We try to use baseball to our advantage as far as with school, staying out of trouble, putting them on the right path," said coach Marcello Woods.

They’re working on refining their mechanics and running through drills to become better players in the team sports.

“You have to practice really hard, and you don’t get stressed about what other people say,” said softball player Laylah B. “You’ve just got to think for yourself.”

Star Elite Fitness is hosting training camps for experienced players while helping tiny tots start off on the right foot. A little help from pro baseball players like Jose Fernandez gives the kids an extra boost of motivation.

“Jose is the shortstop for the Houston Astros. We have MLB players around the program that actually come in not looking for anything in return," Woods said.

No child gets left behind as coaches teach valuable life skills that set them up for success beyond the field.

Softball coach Taylor Williams played college ball for four years at Belhaven University. She hopes to pass one what she learned to the budding athletes.

“Just the discipline behind it, teaching me morals and values and how to push myself to limits that I didn’t think I could push myself to," she said.

Woods said the difference between a good and a great athlete is having the right mindset.

“First thing you gotta give these kids is confidence. If you can give them the confidence, everything else will fall into place,” he said.

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