NFL suffers cyberattack on social media accounts

NFL suffers cyberattack on social media accounts
The NFL suffered a cyberattack on some of its social media accounts on Tuesday.

NEW YORK (WVUE) - The NFL suffered a recent cybersecurity attack on some of its league-related social media accounts, a spokesperson said Tuesday.

“Targeted breaches and additional failed attempts were discovered across the league and team accounts,” the league said. The NFL took immediate action and directed the teams to secure their social media accounts and prevent further unauthorized access.”

NFL leaders said the league alerted the social media platform providers and all the league and club accounts have been secured. Normal operations on those platforms have resumed.

“The NFL and teams are cooperating with its social media platform providers and law enforcement,” the league said.

Louisiana and New Orleans have been the target of cyberattacks that have taken months to fix, starting late in 2019.

It is unclear how the NFL discovered the attack. The Super Bowl will be played in Miami on Sunday between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

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