New economic impact study exemplifies community colleges’ importance

New economic impact study exemplifies community colleges' importance

Gulfport, Miss. (WLOX) -Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is a finalist out of 12 hundred other community colleges in the nation.

Mississippi community colleges released a new economic impact study to help with decision-making and strategic planning. The impact study shines a light on how important community colleges are.

According to the “Investing in Mississippi” report, ninety-six percent of students at Mississippi community colleges are Mississippi residents. Marcos Chacon is a freshman at MGCCC and believes the two-year college has helped him get into the rhythm of college at a steady pace.

“I absolutely love it here because it’s a lot smaller than a university which it’s better than being thrown into the deep end,” said Chacon.

Student-athlete Leon Jones recognizes the coaching staff at MGCCC and said they challenged him to be the best not only on the field but also in the classroom.

“They push us every day,” said Jones, “they push us to the fullest. They try to get the best out of us…and making sure we’re in class doing our work, then we have study hall so it’s just preparing me for the next level so when I get to the next level, I’ve already been through it.”

Gulf coast students express how the community college has taught them responsibility and molded them into young adults ready to further their education.

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