VIDEO: Hancock Co. man finds one dead dog, rescues 3 that are starving

VIDEO: Hancock Co. man finds one dead dog, rescues 3 that are starving

HANCOCK COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - Outraged people throughout South Mississippi are sharing videos taken in Hancock County showing three malnourished dogs and the body of one deceased dog.

The videos were taken in the Kiln by Clay Ledkins, who posted the first one on Saturday.

This made me sad and very angry at the same time.

Posted by Clay Ledkins on Saturday, January 18, 2020

Ledkins says in the first video that a dog tied up on the neighboring property kept barking at him and appeared to be very weak and emaciated. After going over to check on the three-legged pup, Ledkins said he noticed it appeared to be starving.

Ledkins walked around the property and found two other dogs: one in a pen and a third dog tied up. Ledkins immediately jumped into action to help the neglected animals.

“I couldn’t walk down that drive way and let those dogs die,” said Ledkins.

While feeding the third dog, Ledkins said he smelled something really bad.

“When I came back from checking on all the dogs for the first time, there was another pen. And there was a drum inside that pen, and inside that was a fourth dog, which had been deceased for several days," said Ledkins.

Update. Second feeding . Last 3 still alive. But I'm gonna run outta dog food. Will make another trip to Dollar Store Tomorrow.

Posted by Clay Ledkins on Saturday, January 18, 2020

The smell was pungent, and that emotional sight is what caused Ledkins to start reaching out for help.

“I was really sad when I first saw all the dogs," he said. "But that really pissed me off - the dead dog. So I knew I had to so something.”

Ledkins then took to Facebook to share some of the emotional video.

I posted it on the internet to try and get some help on Facebook," said Ledkins. “And oh my goodness, the response was just overwhelming. My phone would never stop. So many messages, I couldn’t even answer all of them. People brought out food and shelter, and they put hay in their pens and some blankets.”

Day 2 dog update

Posted by Clay Ledkins on Sunday, January 19, 2020

Word eventually spread even further. Late Sunday night, a rescue attempt was made and, while one of the dogs got away, two of the pups are now safe.

“Yeah I was really concerned about the three legged girl dog," said Ledkins. "She wouldn’t have made it through the weekend. I hope she gets a good home. She is a sweet dog.”

WLOX learned that the tenant of the property where the dogs were found recently died so no criminal charges were filed.

One of the dogs is now at the Hancock County Animal Shelter. The other is in foster care. The third dog ran away when they tried to rescue the animals.

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