Fans celebrate the LSU Tigers with a ceremony fit for champions

Fans celebrate the LSU Tigers with a ceremony fit for champions

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The celebration for Louisiana’s home state heroes culminated today with a parade and awards ceremony.

The LSU Tigers arrived in Baton Rouge Saturday to thousands of eager fans excited to welcome back the national champs.

The moment the championship trophy was awarded to LSU, sparks spouted towards the ceiling with the arena erupting in cheers and applause as the garden band from Tigerland played Queen’s “We Are the Champions”.

The awards celebration was more of a party than a ceremony.

There was excitement and there was joy.

“I’m so happy people are proud of Louisiana. Go Tigers!”

Governor John Bel Edwards credited Louisiana for the born and bred leader of the best college football team in 150 years. But Coach O promptly pushed the spotlight onto his coaching staff and the players themselves.

“You know what, this is a player-driven program. This is all about the players. I say this to you, we started working last January 17 and worked for a year on skill development,” said Orgeron. “They decided they’re not going out to bars, they decided they’re going to class, they decided they’re doing the right thing and they’re going to graduate. They decided having character is cool.”

Orgeron held his coach’s award up high. But surrounded by champions, he wasn’t the only one. His star quarterback, Joe Burrow, was also recognized for a stellar season.

“We couldn’t have done it with better guys, a better coaching staff and better fans,” said Burrow.

Fans there, before the fanfare began, rolled out a reception for royalty as they welcomed home the pride of the state.

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