Families of MDOC inmates rally for improvements while filing suit against the prison system after recent violence

MDOC Families

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Families of inmates at Parchman and other state prisons are taking legal action against the state.

They voiced their concerns about conditions at the Capitol Friday.

Those conditions and recent deaths have families crying out for justice and changes within the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Advocates for prison reform and the families of MDOC inmates rallied in front of the State Supreme Court before the start of a news conference at the Capitol Friday morning.

Attorney Carlos Moore is representing the families of 13 inmates who were reportedly injured or killed from August 2018 through January 2020.

Linda Taylor said she was notified her son Antonio Taylor was killed at Parchman December 8th.

Taylor said she spoke with the warden who denied his death but after their meeting a chaplain informed her he was deceased.

“We have videos. In the video Warden Simon she’s standing there while they’re bring my son out of the, two inmates bringing my son out of the cell dead,” said Taylor. “They have on the death certificate that he hung himself with a bed she. He told me he didn’t even have a sheet or a mat”.

The families are calling for improvement in the living conditions and claim guards and MDOC officials are allowing the violence and attacks within the prison system.

“When you adequately fund the prisons and you adequately staff the prisons you don’t have these problems,” said Moore. “So for Tate Reeves to say and for Phil Bryant to say it’s just the gangs that’s running wild in the prison, they’re causing their own death, that’s not a good enough answer. You know this would happen if you did not have adequate staffing”.

Those lawsuits have been filed in federal court.

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