Hauntcon professional scarers tour Hurley’s Trail of Terror

Hauntcon professional scarers tour Hurley’s Trail of Terror

HURLEY, Miss. (WLOX) - A group of professional haunters was in Jackson County Thursday night honing in their craft. Hauntcon made a pit stop at Trail of Terror in Hurley. It was one of three locations convention-goers toured Thursday before heading back to New Orleans.

“Twenty-one-year-old male is the hardest person to scare so that’s really what we target," said Leonard Pickel with Hauntrepreneurs.com. “It’s getting harder every year to scare people.”

Hauntcon is a convention for professional haunters. They mingle and learn new skills while shopping for all sorts of new props and decor. Each year, Hauntcon includes a tour of nearby haunted houses or trails. This year, Hurley made the list.

“Wow. Getting a call from Hauntcon to do our haunt, it’s pretty spectacular. It’s pretty grand because you got haunters from all over the United States and different countries, so this is a big event for us. I get choked up because it’s just that big for us," said Trail of Terror owner Robert Thomas.

It’s a big deal for Thomas and the rest of the crew, who are all volunteers.

“This is our 15th season," he added.

The money they bring in goes to support area charities.

“Boy Scouts of America, Team Murphy, which is our local veterans’ group. We do a dance team. We also give out scholarships to high school students," Thomas said.

Miles of walking trails will give you what you paid for if you can manage to walk the 45-minute tour without chickening out.

Hauntcon is Jan. 17-20, 2020. Hurley’s Trail of Terror is open every Saturday in October.

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