Residents at Waveland RV park without power, water for 7 weeks

Electricity and water have been shut off since November

Residents at Waveland RV park without power, water for last 7 weeks

WAVELAND, Miss. (WLOX) - Residents of an RV park in Waveland say they have spent the last 49 days without any electricity or water at all.

Both utilities were shut off before Thanksgiving at Gulf Coast RV Park, which is located on Lower Bay Road, according to multiple residents WLOX spoke with, including Patrick Stewart.

“Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, no water, no power, no sewage,” said Stewart.

Generator park residents share to power homes.
Generator park residents share to power homes. (Source: WLOX)

Over the last seven weeks, residents at the park having been sharing a generator.

Those still living there say they are in a difficult position, with most on a fixed income unable to relocate.

Despite paying their rent on time, the utilities - which are included in the monthly rent - were not paid. It’s been nearly two months and still those who live there say haven’t received any answers about how their money was spent.

“We can’t get any answers. No one will return our calls,” Said Stewart. “They don’t care. They’re living their life, doing their thing, and we’re stuck here in limbo.”

Without electricity, Stewart was unable to use his freezer to keep food fresh. So when the power was cut off right before Thanksgiving, he was forced to give most of it away.

“I love to cook. So, I had already cooked up pulled pork, chili, plus I had turkeys for thanksgiving,” said Stewart. “After about three days, you can only eat so much and so I had to give it away.”

Now, he stocks up on propane tanks to cook dinner on a portable stove designed for camping.

Having to wash clothes by hand and build campfires to stay warm at night, Stewart is reminded of the days after Hurricane Katrina.

“Can’t bathe, not a good bath. Living on canned goods, it was not a good time," he recalled.

Residents of the Gulf Coast RV park do not know how long they will continue to be without power but are hoping the owner will make improvements for the property to be livable again.

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