Graffiti, possible arson at Diamondhead house concern residents

Possible arson at Diamondhead house concerns residents

DIAMONDHEAD, Miss. (WLOX) - A possible case of arson in a house marked by graffiti is troubling the Diamondhead community.

No one was injured as the fire happened at an unoccupied home. The homeowner lives in Louisiana while the house is under renovation.

However, graffiti and vulgar language were found spray-painted all over the house. Neighbors believe the signs are gang-related, and they’re worried because the signs appear throughout the community.

Residents believe the signs are gang related and are worried.
Residents believe the signs are gang related and are worried.

Elson Cody lives across the street and noticed the signs.

“Those have been there several weeks. If you closer, I don’t know what it means but it’s ‘Ward 18,’ whatever that means," Cody said.

A Diamondhead staff member said she has painted over the symbols multiple times near the pool.

Officials are conducting interviews with possible suspects while they pursue the arson investigation.

“The state fire marshal has come out and their working on the investigation along with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office,” said Fire Chief Mike Munger.

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