Spring Break promoters looking to add organized beach events

Spring Break promoters looking to add organized beach events

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Truckloads of Spring Breakers are expected to lather their noses with sunscreen, blow up inflatable lounge chairs, and head on out to gulf coast beaches. While that is not on everyone’s mind this winter, some promoters are already thinking ahead.

One Spring Break promoter Frank Selby is working to add organized events on the beach. He brought his thought-up plan to the Harrison County Board of Supervisors on Monday.

“We want to stretch to the actual sand part of the beach," Selby said. "So just having music out there and allowing people to just come off the street, park, go on to the beach, have some fun on the beach.”

Selby needs a permit from the county to use a spot on the beach. His first choice lies in the heart of the action, adjacent from the coast coliseum.

The promoters say they planned more activities on the sand part of the beach to try to cut down so many people walking along the roadways.

However, there are concerts and other events already scheduled at the coliseum such as Miranda Lambert’s concert, taking place on Saturday night that is expected to draw in a big crowd.

Coliseum Director Matt McDonnell told supervisors that events staged right across the street will only add to the congestion. They will also hinder those who buy tickets for the coliseum events.

“When they start venting traffic in both directions, those people can’t even get to the coliseum," McDonnel said. "And they have paid up to 100 dollars or more.”

The president of the board pointed out that the beach is 26 miles long and asked if beach events could move away from the coliseum.

“Right now, it’s specifically in Biloxi, between the mall and the coliseum," Selby said. "So we want to spread it out along the gulf coast, and obviously, we have to go through the proper channels. That’s why we’re here.”

Planners say they are willing to do whatever it takes to get it approved.

Supervisors will consider the permit request in February.

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