Interim Biloxi superintendent talks about search for new leader

Interim Biloxi superintendent talks about search for new leader

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - When Arthur McMillian retired as superintendent of the Biloxi School District in May, the school board turned to a familiar name to run the district. Dr. Larry Drawdy was that man, and he served as Biloxi School’s Superintendent from 1994 until 2004.

Over the last seven months at the helm, Drawdy has tried to maintain a business as usual environment in an effort to make sure the district didn’t miss a beat.

“The school district hasn’t stopped," Drawdy said. "It’s just moved right along if you notice how well we’re doing ACT-wise and how well our students are doing on statewide tests.”

Drawdy believes the school board is doing its due diligence during the search for a new superintendent. He says a methodical approach is required to find the right person to head one of the most diverse districts in the state.

“Biloxi is such a unique community, and I think they must have the ability to deal with many different cultures,"said Drawdy. "We have a tremendous number of individuals from Keesler Air Force Base. About a fourth of our student body comes out of Keesler.”

Biloxi has eight schools and about 6,200 students. The Biloxi School Board turned to the Mississippi School Boards Associations to assist in the process. Candidates are screened and Biloxi officials get down to the final candidates.

Drawdy was told that the school board hopes to arrive at a decision by the start of the second semester, which is just now getting underway.

Dr. Drawdy has purposefully removed himself from the search mission.

“I am not involved in any shape or form in the selection process,” he said. “That has strictly been a board decision.”

The Biloxi School Board has a specially called meeting scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 16, and the superintendent search is on the agenda.

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