Dense Fog Advisory

Carrie's 6 PM First Alert Forecast

The fog was thick this morning, but it mixed out in the interior locations as those temperatures rose. There is another Dense Fog Advisory in effect until noon tomorrow. Be careful on the roads. Make sure you have your lights on, so other motorists can see you. Lights on, on low beam for best visibility. Allow extra distance between you and the car in front of you. Slow down and allow extra travel time if at all possible. The fog looks to move out of the area by Thursday.

We are going to see patchy dense fog through the area until temperatures warm enough to separate from the dew point temperatures allowing the fog to mix out of the atmosphere. We are going to keep a slight chance for isolated showers over the next few days. Thursday a weak front will pass that should help displace this fog. We are going to be slightly cooler on Friday before warming up again on Saturday ahead of a stronger front that will drop our temperatures back below normal for this time of year.