RV campground residents furious after another weekend without electricity

RV campground residents furious after another weekend without electricity

VANCLEAVE, Miss. (WLOX) - Residents at a Jackson County RV park are getting ready for another week without electricity after what they said are missed payments by their landlord.

The tenants said they feel trapped in a legal battle between current landlord Roy Mack Holloman and the previous owner of the RV Park. Holloman filed for bankruptcy in late 2019, and residents said he owes thousands of dollars in utility bills.

Tony Pizzi has only been a resident of Bluff Creek RV Resort for three months.

“I knew they had problems before, but I had heard that they were taken care of," Pizzi said. He referenced a five-day outage in July 2019, when residents alleged the landlord owed $13,000 to Singing River Electric at the time.

Pizzi said he learned of a potential outage late Friday.

“By then, our refrigerators were already getting hot. So we tried to pull out what meat we could to save and we cooked it all, everybody tried to eat," he said.

Resident Jean Elkins moved to the park five months ago to enjoy a peaceful retirement and chose Bluff Creek because they allowed her to move in with a pre-millenium camper.

“Most parks around here, if you don’t have at least a 2000 model they won’t let you in," she said.

Elkins shouldn’t have to live days without power as a bill payer, but with no heat, she spent the night in her truck to stay warm.

“The cold temperatures, no power, no water since Friday. I had no choice. It got that cold," she said.

Tenants said conditions on the campground are still poor, noting a lack of running water in the community showers and garbage pickup that hasn’t been scheduled in weeks.

“We can’t keep piling it down there because the overflow, I’m afraid my dogs are going to get in the trash and get sick," Pizzi said.

Some fear the lack of power could affect a range of medical ailments, from breathing complications to epilepsy.

“My old lady had a seizure last night. Got to have food to take your medication. Got to have water to take your medication," said resident Jesse, who didn’t offer his last name.

Tenants said finding housing for people with disabilities or on a fixed income is hard enough, but being left in the dark by management is unbearable

“We’re paying our bills, what’s your problem? What are you doing with the money we’re paying you?" Elkins said.

WLOX News spoke with the owner of the park, but were told they couldn’t comment because of ongoing litigation.

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