Dense Fog Advisory

Carrie's 10 PM First Alert Forecast

It was a foggy day, and that fog will stick around tonight. There is a Dense Fog Advisory in effect for all of South Mississippi until 9 AM tomorrow morning. Be careful on the roads. Make sure you have your lights on, so other motorists can see you. Lights on, on low beam for best visibility. Allow extra distance between you and the car in front of you. Slow down and allow extra travel time if at all possible.

Fog will lift in our interior locations around lunch time. The fog will likely stick around along the coast for much of the day and essentially much of the week. Rain chances will be low, but we will keep a chance for isolated to scattered showers in the forecast for much of the week.

The weather for Inauguration Tuesday in our state capitol of Jackson tomorrow will be hit or miss with rain, but the parade is set to roll at 2 PM, so if you’re heading up to take part in the festivities, make sure you have your rain gear. It will be mild, but there will be a chance for showers.

We will see a front move through this weekend bringing cooler, drier and less humid air.