Classes in session for DeSoto County Schools 2 days after tornadoes rip through the county

Classes in session for DeSoto County Schools 2 days after tornadoes rip through the county
DeSoto County Schools Superintenent Cory Uselton says the district wanted students to have a sense of normalcy after the weekend's tornadoes. (Source: WMC)

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. (WMC) - Two of the hardest hit areas in DeSoto County are right down the road from several schools. While there were questions this weekend, DeSoto County Schools are in sessions like normal this week.

Even with some leniency being taken on absences, most DCS students were in class Monday.

On Allison and Craft roads a tornado with winds up to 120 miles per hour knocked down trees and power lines and destroyed homes. About a mile down the road sits Lewisburg schools.

On Monday morning it was school drop-off like normal even though the ride in didn’t look so normal.

“Several of the emergency workers told our team the affected families wanted their kids to go back to school today,” said Superintendent Cory Uselton. “They wanted them to have some sense of normalcy.”

Uselton said the Hernando school zone and Lewisburg school zone are the closest to the hardest hit areas. In Hernando about 93 percent of students were in class two days after the storm. In Lewisburg, 87 percent of students were present.

An EF-1 tornado and EF-2 tornado hit areas of DeSoto County Saturday. While Uselton said he was told by county emergency officials it was safe to have school, the district is sympathetic toward families dealing with the effects of the storm.

“We caution to parents if there is any route they're not sure about we'd excuse those absences,” Uselton said.

Schools have shown interest in collecting items for families affected by the storm. It’s just another way the community is trying to lift up those who are experiencing the worst.

“We had people contacting us this weekend saying they didn’t know where their textbooks went,” Uselton said. “I said we’d worry about textbooks later don’t worry about that.”

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