Gymnasts from across the Southeast travel to Biloxi Bijou Gymnastics Competition

Gymnasts from across the Southeast travel to Biloxi Bijou Gymnastics Competition

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - More 400 girls chalked up their hands for the second Biloxi Bijou Gymnastics Competition. Teams from across the Southeast made the journey, hoping the stiff competition will help young gymnasts improve.

“It’s definitely a good time. A lot of friendly competition gives the girls hope as far as going to the Olympics,” said Ebony Robinson, whose daughter is competing. “They see what they can accomplish in the next level that they can make it to."

The Biloxi Bijou Gymnastics Competition is coordinated by Destination Meets, and owner Debbie Wood believes the location has helped the event more than doubled in size from last year.

“I’m prone to really love the Gulf anyway and the travel opportunities in Biloxi. The various types of things you can do, from the gaming to the beach,” said Wood. “It gives the opportunity for the families to do something.”

Destination Meets places a special emphasis on families. Wood hopes that as the event becomes more popular, she can partner with businesses and restaurants to offer discounts for those in attendance.

“To have something for them to do that doesn’t break the piggy bank, I mean, I was a mom. I knew what it cost to take the kids to gym and everything that goes with it,” Wood said.

Destination Meets also coordinates gymnastic events in St. Augustine and Panama City in Florida as well as Branson, Missouri. Wood is proud to be able to offer an affordable and fun family trip on top of the competition weekend.

“Our slogan is ‘Transforming gymnastics meets into family destinations’ so that we try to give things for the families to do,” said Wood. “Not just for the gymnasts to go and participate, but to encourage the entire family to come to a community.”

As the Biloxi Bijou Gymnastics Competition becomes more popular, Wood anticipates having to add a third day to the competition next year.

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