South Mississippi Strong: Moss Point native tackling race in America awarded Key to the City

November 30, 2019 is a day Dr. Glaude will remember forever.

South Mississippi Strong: Dr. Eddie Glaude Jr.

MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - A Moss Point native is tackling race issues in America, and he’s doing it on the big screen.

Dr. Eddie S. Glaude, Jr. is now being recognized by his hometown, in front of family and friends.

“Oh this is amazing!” he said. November 30, 2019 is a day Dr. Glaude will remember forever.

“Here I am getting the key to the city. It’s pretty amazing," he said.

“I’m overwhelmed. Dr. Glaude is a role model of mine. He is exactly what I think that Moss Point exemplifies. He goes across the country just preaching and talked about and disseminating a message about his upbringing," added Moss Point Mayor Mario King.

Glaude’s hometown, the City of Moss Point, is recognizing his accomplishments.

“Wherever I am in the country I say I’m from Moss Point," Glaude said, and he says it in nationwide forums.

Glaude has appeared on shows like MSNBC, Morning Joe, Meet the Press, and more. A lot of times the topic surrounds race in America and the importance of education.

“Folks don’t want to be accused of being racist and folks don’t want to trigger racism. And so the result is we wind up dancing around each other.," Glaude said to a crowd of family, friends and community members during his Key to the City ceremony.

“It’s my expertise and so the idea of being able to impact the conversation, particularly in 2016 when were were having a lot of police shooting, police involved shootings and the like. The Trayvon Martin and the Mike Brown issues in Ferguson and the like. So that I thought was really important," he added.

In these discussions, Glaude talks about something called the value gap, “And the value gap is that in this country, white people are valued more than others. Unless we uproot it, we will never fundamentally change.”

Dr. Glaude is the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor and chair of African American Studies at Princeton University. He also has eight books under his belt.

“This is divine order,” said Glaude’s big sister Angela Glaude-Hosch. “I’m so excited. It’s full circle. The highlight of the family.”

Standing room only as Moss Point native Dr. Eddie S. Glaude, Jr. receives a key to the city!

Posted by Taren Reed WLOX on Saturday, November 30, 2019

In front of family and friends, Glaude is handed a key to the city.

“It’s incredible. It’s the beginning of a great legacy for the family. There’s always seemingly one that is highlighted or chosen to be that representative of excellence in the family and Eddie has been that representative of excellence," Angela added.

When you ask Dr. Glaude what his greatest accomplishment is, he says being a father.

“Raising my son. It was the most difficult thing that we’ve ever done. Trying to in some ways equip him with curiosity to navigate a very difficult world. So that’s the major accomplishment," Glaude expressed.

Second, he said, is being able to speak to the world.

“Not in some archaic academic language, but to be able to think in public with elegance," he added.

The Key to the City is made possible through a heritage grant with the Department of Marine Resources, and Dr. Eddie Glaude, Jr. is South Mississippi Strong

Dr. Glaude’s newest book titled “Begin Again: James Baldwin’s America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own” is scheduled for release in April of next year.

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