Bay St. Louis residents vote against sales tax

Bay St. Louis residents vote against sales tax
Voters overwhelmingly voted against the proposal. (Source: Photo WLOX)

BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (WLOX) - Bay St. Louis residents overwhelmingly voted against a two percent sales tax Tuesday.

  • 1726 people voted against the sales tax.
  • 422 people voted for it.

If passed, the tax would have gone towards parks and recreation, as well as tourism promotion. While several cities on the Coast have similar laws in place, Bay St. Louis won’t be joining them at the moment.

“At the end of the day, the people spoke. That’s why we put it out to the vote for, let them have their voice heard, and they chose to go against it," said Councilman Josh Desalvo. "So, we live with them results and work on the budget, see what we can do to improve the quality of life for the kid’s of the city and tourism at the same time.”

If it would have passed, city officials were expecting it to raise more than $450,000.

“And it was put out there for the people to vote on it. It was their choice. We feel like it was a good choice, and they spoke. And as of right now, they’re not willing to support it,” said Bay St. Louis Mayor Mike Favre.

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