Mississippi Heart Gallery features children ‘harder to place’ for adoption

Mississippi Heart Gallery features children ‘harder to place’ for adoption

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - When you walk into the Canton Public Library, The Mississippi Heart Gallery is on display.

It features pictures of children smiling like Robert who describes himself as fun and helpful. Kai wants to be a professional basketball player when she grows up. Las Vegas is the dream travel destination for Jeremiah, and Kaylee wants to go to Paris.

The children are different ages, come from different backgrounds but share two things in common. Mississippi Child Protection Services say they are legally free for adoption and harder to place.

“They’re generally older. They may be part of a large sibling group, or they may have a disability and for whatever reason their current family did not adopt them,” said Linda Lewis, Recruitment Manager for CPS.

According to CPS, 4,800 children are in state care. Most of them will be reunited with their biological family, but about 100 children have no identified adoptive family.

“Our goal is always family reunification but sadly that sometimes isn’t possible,” said Lewis.

CPS also uses social media to highlight children. Photographers volunteer and take pictures of those who want to be featured. The Heart Gallery travels across the state with cards giving a short bio of each child and information about how to adopt. CPS hopes to recruit a family to give them a forever home.

“Everybody needs a family. You never outgrow your need for a family and place to come home to,” said Lewis.

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