Flea Market at Menge a retail hot spot for Christmas shoppers

Flea Market at Menge a retail hot spot for Christmas shoppers

PASS CHRISTIAN, Miss. (WLOX) - On the next-to-last weekend to buy Christmas presents, shoppers on the Coast were out looking for bargains. They found good deals and more, but not through online or traditional retail outlets. This year, some chose an alternative route: the flea market.

Not only can you find bargains at the Flea Market at Menge Avenue, but Sarah Cowart found you can special order what you want.

“We wanted to do something different for Christmas,” she said. “And we were looking around and the lady makes her own stockings, and she was actually making them when I ordered them. She made all six of them in a week’s time, and we just now picked them up.”

Shopping for Christmas here is almost an event, with all the trimmings.

“It’s a perfect place to go,” Cowart said. “We’ve gotten a whole bunch of decorations from different vendors. We’ve gotten a lot from here.”

Former New Yorker Scott Nichols is doing his Christmas shopping - and a little for himself.

“It’s outdoors. You get the best deals, like my New York Giants windchime here,” he said. “I got a few things for my brother who’s a Vietnam vet.”

Vendor James D. Mudd sees a slight bump in business during the Christmas season. Being familiar with customers is key.

“I think people come here is because there’s lots of locals, and everybody seems to know everybody,” Mudd said. “And you can find lots of things here that you can’t find in a new store.”

A successful sale may be a matter of how low can you go.

“Bargaining is OK here,” Mudd added. “If you like the price, throw one out there. I’ll probably take it.”

Victoria and Alexander Stuart are regulars at the flea market, and they have a long Christmas list to check off.

“Ummm. Pretty much the whole family: aunts, uncles, kids and everything,” she said with a laugh.

They said they can almost always find what they are looking for.

“Oh, yeah. A lot quicker, too,” Victoria said. “In 20 minutes, you found like five different presents for all these different people, and it works perfect. At the mall, it would take you four hours to get the same amount of stuff.”

For more information about the Flea Market at Menge, check out its website.

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