Help against Hacking: In-home security camera hackers making some homeowners feel insecure

Ring cameras hacked by safety

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - We can use these security cameras to catch porch pirates, or see who’s at the door.

But recently, people are hacking in-home security cameras and using them to cause fear.

“They were able to either acquire the password that they used for this user from some sort of a list of passwords that are available on the dark web, or they simply guessed,” said David O’Gwynn.

He teaches at Belhaven University and said strong passwords make stronger barriers.

“It’s better to have a long pass-phrase made up of random words than to have a password -- a short password that is essentially random,” said O’Gwynn.

Using two-factor authentication on any account you have is suggested, which Ring provides.

“If you have the ability to log in to an account, it’s based upon something you know, and something you have. And if you don’t have both of those things, you can’t get in;" said O’Gwynn.

In the recent camera-hacking case from DeSoto County, the parents reportedly did not set up the two-factor authentication, which may have increased their vulnerability.

Password managers like 1Password can keep the passwords to several of your digital accounts protected.

“You have to be proactive about your own security personally and the security of your family. You have to be proactive in that sense. And you have to do everything you can to make sure that you dotted all of your eyes and crossed all of your Ts because security is very hard to ensure," said O’Gwynn.

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