Pascagoula Police on the Grinch’s trail to teach a valuable lesson

Pascagoula Police on the Grinch’s trail to teach a valuable lesson

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) - The Grinch is a bad guy, and the Pascagoula Police Department is on his trail to teach him and all of us a valuable lesson on how to stop crime during the holiday season.

He’s making a nuisance of himself throughout the city.

“He’s been harassing a lot of people at our businesses,” said Sgt. Cory Thompson. “He’s been casing out stores.”

In doing so, he’s racking up a lot of charges.

“It could range anywhere from shoplifting to petit larceny or grand larceny," Thompson said.

Officers are determined to catch him.

“The officers are out there,” Thompson said. “They’re looking for him, and they are absolutely going to catch him this year.”

As WLOX trailed the green, nasty character, we discovered his desire to steal was equal to his cowardly effort to escape justice, but the department’s public information officer Jamie Redding wants to use the Grinch for a positive message.

“We just thought it would be a really fun way to send a very important message about the safety during the holiday season,” she said. “And we wanted to have a little bit of fun with the community while we did that.”

The department is getting a big kick out of the social media campaign.

“It’s been a wonderful reaction,” Redding said. “We actually went to some businesses yesterday and had citizens asked to take pictures with the Grinch. Everywhere that we went yesterday, we saw smiles.”

However, the Grinch’s time will soon come to an end.

“It’ll be very satisfactory,” Thompson said. “He’ll be brought to justice.”

The Pascagoula Police will chronicle the hunt for the Grinch on its Facebook page.

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