Dozens of stolen bus batteries returned to Jackson Co. School District

Dozens of stolen bus batteries returned to Jackson Co. School District

JACKSON CO., Miss. (WLOX) - Dozens of school bus batteries are now back in the hands of the Jackson County School District after they were stolen last month.

Transportation supervisor Michael Heise is glad to have them back.

“It’s always helpful to recover any batteries that we’ve lost. The financial burden, again, is something that our taxpayers pay for, so we want to make sure that we get those batteries back in use so we have every dollar being used wisely," Heise said.

In November, 66 batteries were stolen out of 33 buses in St. Martin. Investigators found some of those stolen batteries in Long Beach last week.

Shaun Necaise and Adam Shaw have been arrested and charged in connection to the theft.

“Of course, we were very grateful to all the efforts that Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and all associated agencies put in some great work figuring out where the batteries were. We got some really great tips from Crime Stoppers as well," Heise said.

Many of the bus batteries were returned in working condition. Around a dozen batteries, however, were damaged and no longer usable.

“We are using the other batteries that are still good, that are still salvageable that have been returned, putting them back in other buses that are in need as well," Heise said.

The district is taking steps to make sure a theft like this doesn’t happen again.

“The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is beefing up patrols as well. We utilize camera systems and very good lighting in our areas," Heise said. “We strive every morning to make sure that students are picked up in a very regular fashion. So, we want to take every step possible to make sure that our students are being picked up safely and in a timely fashion so we don’t have to worry about them being out in the weather or in the cold.”

Authorities said along with the batteries, Shaw and Necaise also made off with a truck and trailer that belonged to the school district. Investigators found both last week in Harrison County, shortly after locating the batteries.

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