Biloxi Fire tests MGCCC’s workforce development training program

Biloxi Fire tests MGCCC’s workforce development training program

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - The Biloxi fire department has been testing out a new program through MGCCC that helps pay for vital fire and EMS training.

Nick Geiser, the fire department’s deputy chief of training, says he is very pleased with the program so far.

“We’re getting reimbursed for any training we do here at the Biloxi Fire Department. Whether it be EMS services like you see behind us or it could be firefighting tactics, professional development- or anything along those lines," said Geiser. “It really encompasses almost everything that we train on throughout the week, the month, the year. So, the sky’s the limit we, we can pretty much come up with anything as long as we have the minimum requirement students and we fill out all the paperwork we’re good to go."

The reimbursement is made possible by a workforce enforcement program through the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

“What we mainly get reimbursed for is our hourly salary or wage," Geiser explained. “Most of us are salaried but we break it down into an hourly wage and for every one of those that we get we get reimbursed."

Geiser says the departments plan to invest the funds into more vital training for its firefighters.

“It’s a really good program,” he said. "Our plans for our reimbursement money is to put it right back into training, sending guys to our national fire academies, our state fire academies, different conferences to learn new EMS techniques, new equipment that might be coming out fire fighting-wise, and emergency medical services.”

The Biloxi City Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a resolution approving and authorizing this workforce development training agreement with MGCCC and the fire department.

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