South Mississippi Strong: Teen entrepreneur on the road to success with global company

South Mississippi Strong: Teen entrepreneur on the road to success with global company

HARRISON CO., Miss. (WLOX) - He’s not even old enough to legally drive but one South Mississippi teen is already making a name for himself in the business world.

At just 15 years old, Hunter Paige is the proud owner of his own online business, Southern Country Jewels and Fashion.

Many of the products he sells are things he has created, such as customized tumblers, handmade candles, and personalized ornaments. He has sold more than 1,500 items and even has other stores offering to sell his stuff.

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Posted by Southern Country Jewels & Fashion on Sunday, November 24, 2019

The business grew out of his first entrepreneurial endeavor. At 13, he started selling t-shirts as a way to help his family.

“In 2014, my grandpa got diagnosed with cancer and I knew I had to help him in some way," said Hunter. “So I came up with a t-shirt business, and I raised like $200 for them."

Those humble beginnings motivated Hunter to push forward. He now sells a little bit of everything to people all over the world.

Hunter Paige runs his own online business at 15 years old.
Hunter Paige runs his own online business at 15 years old. (Source: Photo WLOX)

“I ship all over the country. I have about four customers in Australia. I have two in London. I just started shipping to Canada," he said. “Basically in all of the 50 states, I have customers. Most of my clientele are in California."

And it keeps him busy. Most days, from sun up to sun down, you’ll find him working on orders in a shed just outside his house that he’s transformed into a workshop for his business. And when he’s not working on orders, he’s promoting his products on Facebook Live.

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Posted by Southern Country Jewels & Fashion on Sunday, November 24, 2019

And though Hunter is proud of his success, he’s most proud that he’s able to give back. He donates some of his profits to fundraisers and sponsors local events.

Last month, he raised hundreds of dollars for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

“My favorite part is making others happy. If I’m making them happy and smile, that’s enough for me," he said.

The young businessman has faced obstacles, including personal health problems. He was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease last year.

“It’s definitely been a challenge, but I’ve been kicking it’s butt. And I have to go to my doctor’s in New Orleans but it seems like every time she sees me, I’m getting better and better each time."

Hunter’s grandmother Vickie Paige is the legal owner of the business until Hunter is old enough to fully take over. She helps him make many of his business decisions and is proud of her grandson’s ambition.

“If he sets his mind to something, he really gives it 100 percent," she said. "He puts a lot of effort into it....It has really brought him out,” she said.

Hunter hopes he’s an inspiration to others his age.

“You’re never too young, never too young to achieve a goal. That’s what I always tell everybody. You’re never too young."

Although Hunter says he enjoys running his own business, he says his true dream is to actually become an actor.

To check the different products that Hunter sells, visit his website by clicking HERE.

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