Bill would support climate change research at coastal universities

Bill would support climate change research at coastal universities
(Source: CNN)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WLOX) - The topic of climate change can be a polarizing partisan issue. But lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, including Congressman Steven Palazzo, are coming together to support a bill to build partnerships between coastal institutions of higher education and the federal government.

Tuesday, Palazzo signed on as one of the first cosponsors of bipartisan legislation to allow the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to establish National Centers of Excellence at coastal universities and colleges.

Rep. Jimmy Panetta’s Coastal Resilience Research and Education Act gives NOAA the authority to designate National Centers of Excellence in Coastal Resilience Research and Education. The designation means the school exhibits national leadership in research and education focused on climate and coastal adaptation and mitigation, and formalizes collaboration and partnerships with federal agencies. These relationships will ensure science-based research, information, and policy recommendations are effectively shared with the federal government.

“My hope is that introducing this legislation will leverage the coastal research being conducted at universities throughout the United States, including my alma mater, Southern Miss. This bill allows those institutions to be designated as National Centers of Excellence and provide expert advice and guidance for our federal agencies focused on coastal resiliency. It’s important to form these partnerships and utilize existing research that will further our understanding of America’s coastlines,” said Congressman Palazzo.

“Coastal colleges and universities are advancing cutting-edge research and development. My legislation improves coordination on coastal resiliency, while advancing climate science research and education to carry our nation towards a more sustainable future,” said Congressman Panetta.

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