Coast shoppers getting early start on Thanksgiving meal preps

Coast shoppers getting early start on Thanksgiving meal preps

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - At Rouses in Gulfport, the big items are getting loaded up, and they are going out just about as fast.

The prices for turkeys are a pretty good incentive.

“With me working and my husband and everybody else working, we have to do it kind of when we can,” said Gulfport resident Angelina Schultz. “So, that’s why we’re here, and this is a good deal.”

Since Thanksgiving Day is the latest it’s been since 2013, people have a little more time to make preparations.

Even then, some shoppers like Shultz have already bought most of their supplies, trying to avoid the pitfalls of buying too late, such as a depleted stock.

“Living overseas for a while, that’s one of the things I ran into,” she said. “So, I now prep early.”

That’s especially important if you have a lot of people to serve.

“We’re going to have a little over 40 people at our home for Thanksgiving,” Schultz added. “So, we need to kind of go ahead. I’ve already gotten the ham. So, now we needed a big turkey. May have to get another turkey.”

Jane Seymour is the same. The turkey she bought is for Christmas.

“I’ve got my Thanksgiving all ready,” she said.

She likes to cook, but she has her priorities straight for the holidays.

“Well, to kind of get ahead because we like to go to church, and we like to visit,” Seymour said. “So, all those things, and like my kids are coming in from out of town and the grandchildren from out of town. I want to visit with them. I don’t want to be in the kitchen.”

Corine Gay is shopping early as well, but not for herself.

“I’m getting it for someone else, another family,” she said. “My husband and I, we’re looking to just be a blessing to a few families here. And so, we’re here scouting and shopping to see what we can get.”

Thanksgiving is on Nov. 28 this year.

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