‘A lot more traffic than we’ve ever seen before’: Businessowners worry how airport traffic will impact them

‘A lot more traffic than we’ve ever seen before’: Businessowners worry how airport traffic will impact them
Vehicles backed up headed to new terminal. (Source: FOX 8)

KENNER, La. (WVUE) - It's been two days since the new airport terminal opened, and some business owners near Veterans Boulevard and Loyola Drive worry traffic backups will steer people away from their shops.

“It can’t get better. It’s just the way it is,” Patricia Russo said as she watched vehicles headed to the new terminal backed up on Loyola Drive.

"A lot more traffic than we've ever seen before," Russo said

She said she's not sure how the traffic will impact her business, Vaughn's Power Equipment, long-term.

“Well so far, not real sure. A lot of people are calling and asking how is it getting there? Is everything OK? Am I going to get stuck in traffic to come see you?” Russo said.

Russo said she’s been telling customers coming from New Orleans to get off I-10 at Williams rather than Loyola, then drive down Veterans to get to her business.

"That's a little easier for them cause I hear getting off of Loyola is just a nightmare," Russo said.

She said some people headed to the airport stopped by throughout the day to ask for directions.

At a barbershop down the street, customers agree it's difficult to get around the Loyola and Veterans intersection now.

“Usually, I come in with no problems getting in and out so now I’m sitting here thinking how I’m going to get out. So now, my new thing is to park underneath the interstate and walk here now,” Billy Guillard said.

The recent increase in traffic is now something nearby residents, businesses and customers will have to get used to.

“I come through here every day, and always a breeze before the airport opened, but now, can’t get to the barber shop, no good parking no more, so it’s just too much traffic for this little area,” Guillard said.

However, some think the increased traffic could be good for businesses.

“A lot of the local businesses and smaller businesses have been closing down as of lately because the city hasn’t been that busy. So i’m thinking that hopefully the airport can give us that traffic in the right areas as well, not just cars,” Armati Godbody said.

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