Not Satisfied: Jackson County NAACP asking FBI to investigate officer-involved shooting

Not Satisfied: Jackson County NAACP asking FBI to investigate officer-involved shooting
The Jackson County Grand Jury returned a no true bill in the officer-involved shooting death of Diamon Sims that happened on August 8, 2019, in Moss Point.

JACKSON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - Jackson County NAACP President Curley Clark confirms his organization is asking the FBI to investigate the officer-involved shooting that ended in the death of Diamon Sims.

Clark told WLOX News, “The case stinks and appears to be another example of Mississippi Justice."

Clark has asked the FBI to intervene and review the case for possible federal Civil Rights violations. Clark told WLOX neither he, the NAACP, the Sims family nor the community are satisfied with what they’ve seen from the officer’s body camera video.

“My main concern is that the body cam video that’s been shown to us, we haven’t seen any displaying of a firearm by Diamon Sims,” Clark said.

Clark said he and the Sims family met with the District Attorney last week but still aren’t convinced the shooting was justified.

“We don’t feel everything that needs to be brought out has been brought out,” he explained.

The shooting on August 8 followed a pursuit by police that began when officers approached Sims at a convenience store because he was wanted on felony warrants.

Moss Point officer, Lance Shipman, was cleared of wrongdoing by a Jackson County Grand Jury. But Chief Brandon Ashley says Shipman faces disciplinary action for not turning on the audio to his body camera before the shooting.

Clark said the FBI has agreed to look at the case, and he expects to meet with the federal investigators later this week.

“If I see where Diamon Sims stopped and pointed a weapon, I’m satisfied. But we haven’t been able to see everything,” Clark said.

Moss Point police released the body camera footage on October 14, which shows five minutes and 40 seconds of video that began at the 3 G’s gas station and ends with Sims on the ground, an officer kicking away a gun on the ground next to Sims and then handcuffing Sims.

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