The 14th tropical storm of the season, Nestor, forms in the Gulf

Forecast calls for a Tropical Storm Nestor to make a Florida Panhandle landfall. Main impacts east of South Mississippi.

Nestor forms in the Gulf

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - A tropical storm has finally formed in the Gulf. And its name is Nestor.

Satellite imagery along with ship & buoy data indicate the circulation of the low pressure system has finally become better defined.

The disturbance, now named Tropical Storm Nestor, is still expected to make a Saturday Florida Panhandle landfall, bringing windy and wet weather to coastal Mississippi on Friday and Friday night.

No change to expected impacts for Mississippi.


  • A Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect for Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson counties through Saturday morning. Tides will be about one to three feet higher than normal. High tide along the MS Coast will occur early Saturday morning. Minor inundation of low lying areas around tidal lakes, bays, and the lower reaches of rivers and bayous; a few mainly secondary roads could become covered in water.
  • A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for the Mississippi Sound and the offshore Gulf waters. Sustained winds could reach higher than 40 mph in those marine areas.
10-18-19 Friday AM tropics update
10-18-19 Friday AM tropics update (Source: WLOX)
10-18-19 Friday AM tropics update
10-18-19 Friday AM tropics update (Source: WLOX)


As of now, the official NHC forecast as well as most computer models take the center of Nestor on a track toward the Florida Panhandle. In such a scenario, we could get little to no impact since we would be on western and possibly drier side of the system.

However, a few heavy rain bands with gusty winds will be possible mainly Friday afternoon through Friday night. Winds will be breezy from the east/northeast 15-20 mph with higher gusts.

Coastal flood advisories are in effect as easterly winds could pile water into low-lying areas on east-facing coastlines .

Because south Mississippi will be on the drier side of the storm and it is expected to move very quickly east, rainfall amounts

It is important to note that a tiny shift in track to the north and west could bring more significant impacts like heavy rain, strong winds, and coastal flooding.

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