Jim Hood criticizes Tate Reeves’ education ad

Tate Reeves and Jim Hood discuss education, taxes in second gubernatorial debate
Tate Reeves and Jim Hood discuss education, taxes in second gubernatorial debate
Updated: Oct. 15, 2019 at 7:33 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - You’ve seen the ads and campaign attacks in the gubernatorial race. They come as no surprise with three weeks until election day. The issue was first raised during Monday night’s debate.

“Tate filming his ad that’s showing right now at a private school, and, you know, make it look like this he’s talking about publicly funding of teachers,” said Jim Hood during the debate.

Hood is calling on Tate Reeves to pull his ad about public education and his proposal for a teacher pay raise that was shot at a private school.

“This is a great example of someone who’s just a fraud," said Hood. "Somebody that doesn’t care anything about public education, much less those kids.”

Reeves had this to say following Monday’s debate.

“We’ve been successful at shooting a lot of campaign commercials this year," noted Reeves. "We have certainly shot in public schools and we were able to shoot in that school in Jackson that was located right down from our office.”

The other part of the ad that Hood is raising a red flag on is tied to contributions from the leaders of New Summit school in Jackson.

“He should’ve been at a public school to do this kind of thing," said Hood. "He gets $5,000 from that school. Public schools can’t give campaign contributions. And that just shows what he’s done as Lt. Governor. Everything’s about campaign contributions. Everything’s transactional with him.”

But Reeves raised this point.

“Mr. Hood’s taken a campaign contribution from the leader that school as well, you’re going to give that money back?” asked Reeves.

Hood says the difference is that Reeves wrote $1 million in earmarks into appropriation bills for New Learning Resources, Inc., which is a sister company of New Summit.

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