Jamestown Metal announces 100 new jobs, contract to build Coast Guard cutter

Jamestown Metal announces 100 new jobs, contract to build Coast Guard cutter

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) - Jamestown Metal announced that it will bring at least 100 new shipbuilding jobs to Pascagoula.

The company is in the early phases of a $375 million contract with VT Halter. Jamestown Metal will build critical parts of a Polar Security Cutter for the U.S. Coast Guard.

“We’re going to knock basically the whole building down and rebuild it and then close it, so then that way we have a complete storage area to protect material," said John Hazard, director of field operations.

Jamestown is scrapping its old facility to make space for a heavy load of materials and the manpower to get the job done.

“To support the amount of work we have coming in, we’re going to hire upwards to 100-125 people," Hazard said.

Gov. Phil Bryant stopped by for a preview of the project. He walked through a model of the living quarters Jamestown will build.

“They make everything that sailors will need for that boat. So if they’re going to sleep, they’re going to eat, if they’re going to have refrigeration, they’re going to make it here,” Bryant said.

Many spoke on the opportunity to push the trend of growth and development in Jackson County forward.

“We are on pace to announce the creation of over 2,000 manufacturing jobs and an excess of a couple of hundred million of new capital investments," said George Freeland with the Jackson County Economic Development Foundation.

City and state leaders said such investments make the state a valuable resource for the shipbuilding industry.

“Hopefully it just keeps growing and we keep having administrations that are supportive of it,” Hazard said.

Jamestown Metal expects to start operation in its new facility as soon as January 2020.

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