River City Cruisin’ revs up Moss Point

River City Cruisin’ revs up Moss Point

MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - Good times, classic cars and great weather made River City Cruisin’ more than just another stop for Cruisin’ the Coast.

The sound of the engine starting and Chevrolet Novas are what Marcus “Scooby” Watson says made him a self-proclaimed gear head.

"As a little boy, my uncle had a Nova, and he ran way back in the Dauphin Island days. It’s been about 30 years with the family, and he would fire that thing up. Boy, I’d come running around that corner, and it got me started in the car scene,” Watson explained.

Scooby was front and center Tuesday as Moss Point turned into the prime spot for River City Crusin'.

"This actually is one of the nicer venues, aka the River City, nice palm trees. I’m telling you, it’s gonna be crazy with cars down here,” Watson added.

And it didn’t take long for his prediction to come true.

Some more local flavor came from Dale Poole, who brought out a 1958 Chevy Corvette and a 1965 Corvette. Poole says he and lots of others in Jackson County used to drag race back in the day over at Ingalls when they’d shut down the shipyard during the holidays.

"We would have 300 to 400 people show up with cars, and we’d make a good day out of it,” Poole said. “All these guys here were little whippersnappers when we were running around having those races.”

Now, the whippersnappers are grown up and enjoying River City Cruisin’ along with Dale Poole.

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