North Bay Elementary hosts circus-themed STEAM education extravaganza

North Bay Elementary hosts circus-themed STEAM education extravaganza

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Families got together under the big top at North Bay Elementary for its STEAM Extravaganza. The school transformed into a circus to give students a hands-on educational experience.

Across the campus, kids and their parents took part in activities that put science, technology, engineering, arts and math to action.

“You’re just not learning stuff from school, but you’re learning more about creativity," said North Bay student Zoey Lee.

In one room, students learned how to make harmonicas with household items, including rubberbands and popsicle sticks. In the gymnasium, the Hurricane Hunters and NASA let kids interact with equipment.

Jake Lott brought his two children to play around. “It makes them challenge their brain and really think things through differently than just your normal problem-solving skills," said Lott.

Parents say the night inspired their kids to be bold and experimental

Khristi Harvey spoke about her daughter’s interest in STEAM. “She loves making slime, which is one of the things that she does at home a lot. Don’t like slime, but the density and learning how to do science projects is going to be great for her,” she said.

Teachers hope the students walk away feeling more curious about the world around them.

Ann Carter Tate said, "From that, you have innovators all over the world doing those things. We want to encourage students to create and to learn and to be innovators themselves.”

North Bay Elementary would like to thank the PTO for their instrumental role in bringing the STEAM Extravaganza to life.

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